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        2. Industries Served

          With a focus on macromolecule polymerization, high-end precision coating and die-cutting technologies, the Company has engaged in such fields as new energy material, electronic functional material, optoelectronics display material, organosilicon material and precision manufacturing and provides one-stop solution services for customers.


          New Materials

          Xinlun is committed to providing services integrated with product R & D, production, precision die-cutting, and sales of new energy materials, electronic functional materials, optoelectronics display material, and organosilicon materials for customers in such industries as automobile manufacturing, consumer electronics, smart display ports, etc. It has established a professional marketing and technical service team, which is responsible for providing customers with one-stop solutions for high-performance film materials and precision die-cutting components.

          • Precision Manufacturing

            Xinlun Material Manufacturing Center (Dongguan) mainly renders products and services such as die-cutting products and services of supporting precise components for such industries as CE, intelligent display, automobile and household appliances. It could also provide high-quality electronic product component & die-cutting and customized product solutions for customers continuously.

          • Other Industries

            Personal Protective Equipment,Cleanroom Project


          Products & Services

          One-stop solution provider of high-performance film materials and precision die-cutting

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